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Apparently temps are so low where my MIL lives that she can't leave her home overnight because they need to keep the pipes from freezing and bursting -- bummer! There's this strange cold front which is hitting along the western side of the Continental Divide (along the Rocky Mtns) -- of course, it's supposed to be cold here this weekend too, but still about ten degrees higher than they're experiencing. Weather is a funny phenomenon, isn't it?

All my students (excepting one class) are working on research papers this session -- and it's meant a TON of e-mailing back and forth for me. I've spent close to three hours each yesterday and today just dealing with the e-mailed questions, comments, pleas for help, topic suggestions, etc. It's crazy!

The kiddos go back to school tomorrow, and they're not thrilled. None of us are (we love sleeping in), but at the same time, it'll be good to get back to a routine again. I don't go in to help until next week, so I'll have three whole days to myself (what to do, what to do?).

Yoga was wonderful and painful this morning. It's my first class in three weeks, and man-oh-man, my shoulders and upper back are feeling it. The good news is that my hips seem to be in good shape...but oh, my shoulders are so weak!

I love texting -- DH knew that might be an issue when we upgraded our phones, and he was right. :) I may never call anyone again...just saying (don't worry -- no texting and driving!).

One week till DH turns the big 4-5. Since his mom has decided she can't do the surprise party thing, I mentioned it to him (for future reference), and he's NOT interested. He'd like a party somewhere else, but I think the thought of all those people in our own home stresses him out (I know it does me).

Hope it's been a good Tuesday for you -- any random thoughts to share?
Tags: randomness, yoga

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