robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. Well, the big game is tomorrow night, and everyone is gearing up. ;) Even though even Vegas has the odds on the Broncos, we all know that's no D is very nervous. He has a b-ball game tonight, so hopefully that will distract him a bit.

2. We're also gearing up for a big storm. Of course, every time they say it'll be big, it seldom it may be a little storm. Still, it's ten degrees colder already this morning compared to this time yesterday. And the clouds are backing up against the foothills.

3. I got my camera! I didn't expect it for another couple of weeks, so that was a very pleasant surprise. I'm going to try it out at the game tonight, and I'm hoping (it looks promising) that it'll work well for what I need. It's a cool little camera, that's for sure.

4. We've had such amazing weather this week (until today, of course). I actually went trail running yesterday -- and ran (well, jogged). It felt good...and not-so-good, as I'm still a bit sore. But it was nice, and hopefully, it'll warm back up after this storm so I can go again sometime before spring.

Have a great Friday and weekend! Anything special planned?
Tags: weather

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