robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Five on Friday (photo edition)...

I went on a great river (creek) walk yesterday and played with my camera.
220 Here's what I saw:

1. 003 (In our little city/town, decorations are key -- and they keep up the sparkly lights throughout the winter months, perhaps to make up for the lack of leaves.)

2. 011 (Bridges are key, as the water level of this creek varies greatly throughout the year. In fact, the main bridge in town (just at the other end from where I am), had to be lifted a while back to keep the water from surging right over it during high flow.)

3. 184 (This is close to the entrance of the canyon -- Clear Creek Canyon -- looking back toward the hub of the town.) -- contd in next post, since LJ won't let me upload anymore pictures here *sigh*.
Tags: nature, photography
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