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Five on Friday (photo edition), part 2...

4. 205 (I'm standing on the bridge through town now, and these are the rock sculptures people place by the creek.)
211 (The rocks aren't the only 'scupltures' -- there are numerous metal depictions, as well, including a couple of these butterflies, some deer, a bear, numerous people/children, etc.)

5. 115 (2) (Some of the surrounding scenery includes the hill with the 'M' -- which my parents used to tell me stood for 'mountain.' *whispers* It doesn't, of course -- it stand for 'Mines,' as in School of Mines, which is the college in our town.)
216 (The Library -- parking lot shown here -- and the Rec Center are two of the main man-made structures along the creek. I parked at the Library to go on my walk.)

Bonus: You never know what you'll find on the creek walk -- here's a macaw, enjoying the lovely weather:

Well, there you have it -- a glimpse of life in my little corner of Colorado in January. And although we were on track to set a record this week (we didn't, btw -- not even close), typically we have dry, breezy, balmy days (well, if balmy is in the 40s and 50s). Yesterday, it was around 60, and with the sunshine, it was quite comfortable.

What's a typical January day like in your neck of the woods?
Tags: nature, photography
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