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1. DH joined me for yoga this morning (after his spin class) -- other than down dog, he's more flexible than I am. *sigh* Still, I can see and feel my own improvements, so that's good.

2. We finally got something akin to a snowstorm. It lasted a few hours, and we all reveled...and this morning, the sun is out, the sky is blue, and the snow is melting (well, on the sunny side of the street -- our side -- that is).

3. I really love Craigslist. We got an ottoman (which almost exactly matches our sofa) and a bench-like thing recently, and they've greatly improved our overall organization and decor (well, as much as you can improve random decor -- I'd never make it as an interior decorator). I only wish you could get built-in bookcases through it. ;)

4. I'm feeling twitchy about my writing. I have a book which is probably not that far from being submission (query) ready, and for some reason, that makes me...uncomfortable. I also have an idea percolating -- sigh. I do love to write, and I especially love revising, but sometimes the entire process can be a little intimidating. It's hard to put myself through it again.

Any random happenings in your world today?

Happy Tuesday!
Tags: life
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