robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four (late) on Friday...

1. D went skiing today with DH -- apparently, they had tons of powder. The downside? A million people went skiing for the day off today, and traffic was a nightmare (coming back) -- took them almost 3 hours (3 times as long as usual). Plus, DH ran into a stump and has a lovely bloody/bruised spot on his calf.

2. E and I also spent the day together. E painted a penguin at one of those artsy shops in the mall. We bought her auntie a v-day present (her favorite snacks). Then we had lunch together and came home to watch a movie. It was very nice. :)

3. Tomorrow, DH and I get our day together -- if we get some rest tonight, it should be a good one. :)

4. The kiddos also have Monday off, thankfully -- maybe then we'll get the house cleaned!

Happy President's Day weekend (if you're in the U.S.) -- for everyone else, enjoy the usual February weekend :)
Tags: family fun together, skiing
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