robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup...

...DH and I had a nice time on Saturday. We had sushi (yummm), saw a movie (Die Hard -- it was entertaining), went to Costco (we spent our rebate check, which is always fun for me, hehe), and then spent the rest of the evening on the couch, watching Dark Knight Rises and having home-made margaritas. All in all, a successful anniversary celebration. :)

...Sunday, we had breakfast at a new cafe (the same one we discovered last weekend). Then we went on a little hike -- it was warm and breezy, and although I enjoyed the fresh air and the exercise, I must admit that the scenery is very drab this time of year.

...we got home early afternoon, and I got to spend the next few hours working, working, working. :) DH went on a nice bike ride.

...the kiddos returned just before dinner, and we all watched The Amazing Race -- which was fun, as always (though there's no way I'd jump out of a helicopter -- heck, I wouldn't even get in a helicopter, to begin with!).

For President's Day, we're cleaning, and then D's bff is coming over for the afternoon. They have a two-hour bball practice tonight (yikes) -- tournament games later this week.

Hope everyone enjoys their day off (well, those who get President's Day off) -- for everyone else, happy Monday. :)
Tags: glorious seasons, holidays, love, nature

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