robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. This week's been a bear, and I'm so ready for it to be done. I slept pretty well at the beginning of the week, but the last couple of nights haven't been good at all, and that, combined with the stress of work and various other things, has pushed me over the edge ;)

2. Tonight, one of E's classmates is in a high school musical (The Music Man -- he's Winthrop). It's been going on for over a week, but we've begged off...but I think tonight we might go. I like musicals, but I wish it started about two hours earlier ;) The thought of being out late isn't appealing.

3. D's bball team held their 'banquet' last night. It was very nice, and the boys were clearly pleased, and each got tons of accolades from the coaches (we really do have wonderful coaches). It was harder for the parents, because this might be the last year this group is together. Next year, when they go competitive (and they have no choice in the matter since they won their division), the boys will try out for one of three teams. 'Our' team is one of the three, but the coaches get to choose in a round-robin style based on the try-outs. So not only is there no guarantee that we'll get 'our' coach, but D and his bff could be split up too. *sigh*

4. I guess the forecasters are saying we're in for a huge storm tomorrow. Of course, nine times out of ten they're wrong when they warn us -- but we never know if the tenth time is here until it happens. We're supposed to go to the Nuggets game tomorrow night, but I guess we'll see!

Happy Friday -- huge TGIF here! Any fun plans for the weekend?
Tags: bball, stress, weather

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