robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. It's supposed to be mid-70s today -- which is awesome! Of course, because of all the snow we got last weekend, that means mud...but we'll still enjoy paved parts of the world ;)

2. D's class is preparing for both Growing and Changing (sex ed) and Outdoor Lab (they're going in September). I didn't attend the parent meeting for GaC (I've already given him The Talk a couple times, so they will only be repeating info, which is how I want it), but I guess there was a bit of excitement. One of the moms (the same mom who *always* throws a fit) kept saying how inappropriate it is to teach sex ed in the schools. The thing is, I don't disagree with her -- but, I'm also willing to educate my own children. Too many parents don't ever mention sex to their kids...and those are the ones who need to at least learn something about the biology and dangers of sex. *sigh*

3. During the Outdoor Lab meeting, the 6th grade teachers were mentioning how they've never had to send a kid home from camp -- and seriously? You could almost hear the words "until now" echoing through the room. This group of kids is one of the toughest they've ever had, and if they make it through the week without any serious incidences, it will be a miracle. On a side note, one of the tough kids from D's grade spent the night last night with a boy (another tough kid, but one we know) from our bus stop. When the two arrived this morning, D waved at them -- and they both waved back! That was a relief to me, as a mom. D's told me many times that he doesn't personally have issues with those boys, but it was good to see it firsthand. I so hope that continues as they move into these next tough years (my own personal theory is that girls tend to face bullying in 5th-6th grades, whereas boys see it more in junior high). At least he's still on the basketball team (well, for one more year) -- and he wants to play football in the fall too (ack).

4. Only one week until spring break -- I can't wait! We don't have plans yet, but we're brainstorming (well, I am...DH is too busy with work to even think about it). It's a little challenging for me because I don't really want to ski...but I think I'll have to. *sigh* Oh, well. It'll still be fun -- the kids will like it.

Happy Friday -- spring comes next week!
Tags: kid stuff, life

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