robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup...

...I had a great chat with my kiddos' auntie Friday night. We ended up standing outside in my driveway for 90 minutes, but it was a lovely chat. :) While we were talking, a teenage boy wandered between our house and our neighbor's I went over there and asked him if he needed something. He said, "I was just going to go to the bathroom" -- in our neighbor's bushes!?! Now, I know DH has done this before (and the most recent time probably was about five years ago), so it's total karma, no? But I stopped the boy and told him about the porta-potty down the hill (not even half a block away). The kid was quite embarrassed...boys!

...E got to go to a b-day party on Saturday, and when I asked her about her favorite part? The brownie sundae. *rolls eyes* You give that girl sugar, and she's in heaven...

...we also went to my FIL's for St. Patty's day dinner Saturday night (so a day early, heh). It's a tradition, and he always makes the corned beef and cabbage, potatoes and carrots, and soda bread. He even made the soda bread GF for me -- which is nice, even though I don't like raisins (shudder). But I picked them out (E ate them) and ate the bread. ;)

...yesterday, D had his first flag football practice. He loved it! It worked out that three other boys from his class are on his team, and they're not kids he usually hangs out with -- which is great. He had a fun time, and I think the other boys did too. The only problem is that they don't have a coach. One of the organizers coached their team, but they'll need a full-time replacement soon. They have three weeks before their next practice (spring break/Easter break) we'll see (they only meet on Sundays). I'd love to see DH help out, but he's wary (as he's not played flag football before).'s windy and chilly today, although the sun is shining. The clouds have backed up behind the foothills, which means the mountains should be getting some moisture (yay!).

Happy Monday :)
Tags: family, football, holidays

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