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Robin's take on the 8 things meme...

I did the regular Eight Things last month sometime, so as nancy_v tagged me again, I'll do my own version. Anyone who's interested can consider themselves tagged after this :)

Robin's 8 Favorite Books of all time (well, 8 *of* her favorite books of all time):

1. LINNETS AND VALERIANS by Elizabeth Goudge. This was my first love in a book. Yes, there were some before this that I liked a great deal, but this book stayed with me and piqued my interested in reading more and more and more.

2. THE LOST PRINCE by Francis Hodgson Burnett. What an awesome story! If you've only read her standards (SECRET GARDEN, A LITTLE PRINCESS), you're totally missing out! the ending still gets me every time.

3. A NICE GIRL LIKE YOU by Norma Johnston. I love this woman's writing! I've read almost every book she's written -- they're all historical YA. This was the first, the one that got me going.

4. THE MAN IN THE BROWN SUIT by Agatha Christie. Since I have read all of AC's books (not to mention doing a term paper on her), I had to list my favorite mystery by her.

5. THE CRADLE WILL FALL by Mary Higgins Clark. MHC was responsible for my switch from teen/kids' books to adult fare. I really enjoy her early mysteries, and this is my favorite. Probably because we're hearing the murderer's thoughts throughout. I stopped reading her new ones a while ago (talk about a formulaic writer, yeesh!) -- but I still give her credit for my discovering some great mystery/suspense writers.

6. WILD MAGIC by Tamora Pierce. Well, who am I kidding? I could have listed all her YA books, no problem! She's the reason I chose YA fantasy as my genre.

7. FRIED GREEN TOMATOES AT THE WHISTLE STOP CAFE by Fannie Flagg. Want a great character book, the type that makes you feel like you know these people, like they're family? this is it. I cry every time I finish it because I don't want to say good-bye to my friends.

8. (I bet some of you know what's coming here -- in fact, just to make it fun, I'll let everyone guess. tee-hee. It'll fun for me, at least. And because i'm now in a reading mood, the first winner gets a free read from me of anything you want a fresh set of eyes for -- now or in the future). Hint: it's fiction, like all the others (and I've mentioned it a few times between my LJ and Verla's).
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