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Music and sports...

During the school year, I rarely (pretty much never) have time to play the piano. Last summer, I took advantage of our schedule and spent hours playing the piano. I didn't really master any pieces, though. I mostly played Bach (Inventions) and Brahms (Rhapsodies). Today marked the first day I got to play again since last August.

It felt good, though now my hands (especially my pinkie on my right hand) are aching. I branched out in my piece selection, playing through a Chopin Nocturne, the opening of the Pathetique (Beethoven), a little Schubert (Liebestraum), some Rachmaninoff (Prelude in C-sharp Minor), and some Mendelssohn. I'd like to actually master something this summer, but even with 15 years of piano practicing in my past, I'm afraid it just takes more time than that (sigh).

Also today, we started our sports time. First, we did yoga. We did a fairly long one (around 45 minutes) because I missed my class this morning (not enough sleep -- I get light-headed when I have to move at her quicker and more tiring pace when I'm sleep deprived). It still felt good, though, and I think the kids enjoyed it. Then we went to the park and played tennis for an hour. I'm not a great tennis player (at all), but I know a few of the basics. So we tried learning some of those. D, of course, already has a good handle on it (though he kept getting mad at himself for missing serves). E needs some more practice. ;) After we tried serves, lobs, forehand and backhand, we played a little game (E and I versus D). D won, heh.

Tomorrow (and every Weds) we're going on a photography hike. It's supposed to rain, so it might be more of an adventure than I planned.

What special memories do you have of summer break?
Tags: kid fun, piano

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