robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. I got my summer schedule for work yesterday -- 17 students. That's four more than last year...which is good in terms of money but means I'll be busier than I expected. Time to get organized!

2. We're staying quite busy so far, anyway. We played basketball in the park yesterday, and today, my right arm and shoulder are feeling it. ;) The kiddos are both enrolled in two different summer reading programs (two library systems). That's nice, as they both enjoy reading, and it means they'll get free passes to both of the amusement parks in the area (good motivation, I must say, not that they need it).

3. Today, the kiddos are playing the piano at a nursing home. One of D's friend's mom set it up, and two of D's besties are also going (along with their younger sibs). So six kids will be performing, and I imagine the folks there will be pleased with the entertainment (hopefully). :)

4. It's sad to think that 1/11 of our vacation is already I won't think that way (ha). Instead, we'll consider that we still have a beautiful, open summer before us -- beckoning and calling to us about new and wondrous adventures waiting just beyond the sunset. :)

Happy Friday! Anything note-worthy happening in your neck of the woods this weekend?
Tags: kid fun, life, teh busyness

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