robinellen (robinellen) wrote,


...and the kiddos are off :) DH and I celebrated by going to yoga together and then out to breakfast. Le Peep has a GF menu, btw, and it was quite good. Then I went to the library and dropped off a ton of books (mostly the kiddos') and picked up a hold for me.

...I got there early, so I took a little walk along the Clear Creek trail. The creek is still quite high, but I saw plenty of foolhardy adventuresome types tubing down it anyway.

...I love the feeling of a day (or more) stretching out ahead of you, with no real plans or serious obligations. :) I do have a couple papers to mark, and I want to work more on my revision. I had a day of inspiration last week, and I'm about 2/3 through -- the end is in sight! Phew!

How is your summer going? Getting any chances to just be?
Tags: summer break, writing
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