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Weekend Roundup...

...E got to play golf on a full-sized course Friday night. Of course, it was a bit too much for her, but she apparently loved getting to drive the cart. And now she knows that she prefers par-3 courses, instead ;)

...DH took the kiddos to his dad's Saturday morning (and then DH returned -- his dad only lives ~30 miles away). We spent the day eating out and watching movies (in the theater even). We saw Red2 and White House Down. Yes, it was my third time seeing WHD, but I still enjoyed it -- and DH did too. We both loved R2. If you liked the first one, you'll like this one's very funny and entertaining. :)

...yesterday morning, we just hung out and chatted about the kiddos (mostly D). Since D is starting football this week (this is kind of a pre-season conditioning week), we talked about his perfectionism and the requirements of football. We're hoping that he'll gain a sense of self-confidence when he sees that he can do what's asked of him. He's so athletic, but he defeats himself (more often than not) with his negative self-talk. :( But football is extremely physical, and both DH and I are hopeful that the sheer physicality of it will force him out of his mind and let him just experience something (football is better than basketball in that regard, imo -- with basketball, he still has time to think).

...then DH fetched the kiddos mid-afternoon while I edited a couple of papers. Also, D has been caring for a neighbor's cat (which meant I took over Saturday night and yesterday morning). We had a bit of a scare Friday when the cat (who's allowed outside) didn't appear for his dinner feeding. But Sat. morning, he was waiting for us...yesterday evening, however, he attacked D and scratched up his arm nicely. *sigh* What is it with this aggressive cats??? D, of course, says it's his fault (because he got close enough to let the cat scratch him *eye roll*).

...we've had very un-CO-like weather this weekend, and it appears to be continuing today -- overcast, dreary, muggy. Ick! Still, it might be a good day to trail run without getting too hot (well, other than the mugginess).

Did you do anything special for the final weekend in July?
Tags: family, kid stuff, kitty, movies

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