robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday (a little early)...

1. This week has been so busy -- and tomorrow will be no better, so I'm posting in advance. We're off to the Garden of the Gods (where I'm sure I'll take tons of pix) with my dear friend L and her daughter O.

2. Today, we enjoyed the peace and cool of Evergreen (I'll probably have pix of that this weekend or Monday too).

3. The good news about this weekend is that it should be on the quiet side (well, after D's 7on7 Saturday morning -- football hasn't even officially started yet, and it's already running our lives). I'm sooooo dying for a couple of days where I have no obligations and can just read (I don't think I've even read an hour total this week -- ack!).

4. It's August???! How did that happen...oi! I'd list the plans for August, but then this post would be far too long (and really boring). What are you planning? How will you finish off your summer?
Tags: hiking, nature, teh busyness

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