robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. The kiddos had testing today at school, and now we're off to Adventure Golf (and other such things) for the afternoon. Kind of a nice Friday break :)

2. We had unbelievable storms yesterday evening -- the lightning was every few seconds and very intense, and then it poured (and in some places hailed) like crazy for about 30 minutes. Some neighborhoods received feet of water and rain. Then our power went out around 11pm until 2 or so in the stuff.

3. I think I ate something rotten a couple days ago (well, I know I did) -- it led to headaches, an icky stomach, and little sleep. But it appears to be out of my system, and my headache (which had become a migraine) left by midnight-ish last night -- yay!

4. It's always strange when we start school and then have a break so quickly -- the kiddos aren't quite sure what to do with themselves. I might have to make Monday a reading day. :)

Happy weekend!
Tags: school stuff, weather
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