robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup...

...we had fun on Friday at Adventure Golf. Not surprisingly, the kiddos especially liked the go-karts (and rode them repeatedly -- we all did, though I finally had to take a break, as my neck was getting sore from the vibration/jarring/repetitious pulling on one side of my body). Still, it was fun. :)

...D had practice again Sat morning, and DH even helped out a bit. I think D's getting the hang of tackling (well, dummies, at least).

...Sat night was the Turtlefest, our whole neighborhood's 'block' party. There's always food (paid for by the HOA) and a band. It's held at a park which has a turtle statue (thus the name). We went just long enough to get some food and for D to dance. I'm amazed at how unself-conscious he is -- he didn't care that classmates of his were nearby and could see him. He just danced away (he's very rhythmic but doesn't actually know *how* to dance -- just how to have fun). Then we went to Sonic (all this was after their auntie came over and we played games for a couple of hours) for treats. Then we had to rush home so D could watch the Broncos game (DH has season tickets this year, so he was at the game).

...yesterday, I read. That was my goal for the entire day. I spent most of my time on an e-galley (very unique book), but I also went through Amazon and found upcoming titles that I'll be wanting in the months to come. I even made a list of those I couldn't request at the library (and requested all those I could). And then I read some more. :), the kiddos are off again, so we're cleaning and going to the library. And, of course, D has practice tonight (when does he not?).

Happy last Monday of August (ack)!
Tags: family fun together, reading
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