robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. Survived Back2School seemed fine on the surface, but man, the tensions underneath were Uhg-lee!

2. E has her first ever sleep-over tonight (she's stayed away from us with family before, but this is a friend). I hope it goes well for her (I always hated sleep-overs, but D loves we'll see).

3. D got to go to the Broncos game with DH last night. Even though it was pre-season (and they lost), D had a good time...but he was sleep-walking this morning. ;)

4. I can't believe it's Labor Day weekend -- didn't 2013 just start??! Any plans? (We'll be at football tournaments tomorrow morning and Sunday morning...maybe a trip to Mt. Evans, though, on Sunday afternoon...)

Here comes September!
Tags: life
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