robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. Well, I got a taste of how things will be yesterday (when classes officially started). I worked on school stuff and work stuff until 5:40. No time for writing or my other project. *sigh* However, I think I will be able to streamline my efforts as I get further into the semester. Of course, I start helping in the classrooms (both E's and D's) near the end of September, so that will be another adjustment. Always something new, right?

2. The Broncos won. 'Nuff said (ha).

3. D's first official game is tomorrow. I think DH might be more nervous than D. D is not an aggressive kiddo, so it's going to be a challenge for him to really excel at football. He wants to, though, so I'm thinking he'll get it. But he may never be the aggressive player DH was...and that will be good for both of them, I think. *waits to see what happens*

4. I signed E up for a science and technology class. She's always building things with legos and using paper to make furniture (for her tiny 'pets', especially her little penguin). This class is supposed to encourage that type of thing and give the girls some technological tips, as well. I'm hoping it will be interesting (and not so easy that she's bored). It's only for girls, which I like too.

TGIF -- have a great weekend! Any fun plans?
Tags: football, kid stuff, school stuff, work
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