robinellen (robinellen) wrote,


...Thursdays are typically the day I 'take off' each week. Because of that, I do love Thursdays :) They have a very autumn feel to me (my favorite season of the year), and I see them as red and gold and burnt orange., I have to go to the library (yay), and I will try to make time for the gym (because I desperately need it). I might run an errand or two...or I might not. I just love the freedom of having this day with no expectations for work. What I really need to do is WRITE -- so that may be my afternoon. Plus, I have parent-teacher conferences right after school today, and tonight is the informational meeting for the middle school we're hoping to get D into next year.

...I'm sick of politics (and politicians). Argh!'s supposed to snow here tomorrow. I doubt it will, but I suppose it's possible. The purple ash are purpling :)

Any rambles from you today?
Tags: life
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