robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

It's Thursday!

I do love Thursdays, as they are generally my day off. Of course, I usually end up taking off one of the weekend days too, but those don't *feel* like a day off since I spend most of my time dealing with sports.

So today is just for me. I will catch up on a couple of students' work -- but that's okay. With the bulk of my day, I'm meeting one of my bffs for lunch/brunch. She lives in the foothills/mountains, so it'll be a lovely drive. Our time together is always fun and good.

Then I have errands to run -- both semi-fun, as one is the library (yay) and the other the natural food market. D doesn't have football practice tonight (yay again), so dinner can be more relaxed. Of course, it's supposed to snow tonight (or even this evening), so it might be chilly.

When you get a day to yourself, what's your favorite way to spend it? :)
Tags: friends, time off
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