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Four on Friday...

1. It snowed last night (and even some this morning as we waited at the bus stop). However, the clouds are already lifting and we can see north to the Flat Irons (near Boulder), where sun is already shining on the snow-dusted rocks.

2. E is starting to learn about the deceitfulness of girls. :( Twice this week, she and her friend have been 'shunned' by a group of girls during lunch. The first time, I don't think E realized quite what was going on; yesterday, she definitely got it (the girls got up and moved to another table when E and her friend sat down with them). It's so sad that girls in our society have this kind of game playing. It happened when I was a kid; it's definitely still going on. The ringleader in E's case is a girl whose parents are divorced and she bounces between the two houses. I've worked with her before (she was in E's 2nd grade classroom), and she can be a nice enough girl. But she's the much-younger sib (perhaps a last-ditch effort on the part of the parents to make their marriage work) of two older girls, and her awareness (and lack of understanding) of older-girl issues is sadly strong. So we spent last night reassuring E that we love her, that she is amazing, that she can find a way through this. (I'll admit, I'm not sure why they keep sitting at these girls' table -- E has other friends; why doesn't she sit with them??) I also pointed out the challenges the lead girl faces in her life and made sure E knew (or at least heard me say, numerous times) that it's not personal. E and her friend were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

3. D informed us this morning that Fridays are no longer good days for him -- he said he's already too nervous about the Saturday football game to enjoy Friday. Hmmm...I wonder if he'll play again next year?

4. I had a good talk with D's b-ball coach last night. He's gearing up for the new season, and he's getting in touch with all the parents to discuss the upcoming changes (the team will now be fully competitive, which we already knew, since they won the lower division championship last year). We're hoping D finds a new excitement about b-ball now that he's played the more aggressive sport of football. I think he's more confident in his abilities in b-ball, so with the added focus and ability to get in there and fight for the ball, I'm hopeful that things will be good. Of course, then his coach said, "So, has his perfectionism let up through football?" Um, well, not much. *sigh*

Happy weekend :)
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