robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup...

...we still have a few leaves hanging on, but it won't be long (maybe by the end of the week?) before our trees are bare once again. *sigh*

...D's team lost their play-off game. It was very close, and all the boys were pretty upset. Still, they played hard and hopefully will be proud of their performance. (I'm relieved because I don't have football practice to deal with anymore!)
d for the handoff (This is seconds before D takes the hand-off -- he played offense and defense for the entire first half, so he was a little tired (defense only in the 2nd half, though).

...I enjoyed the quiet day yesterday. The Broncos won (not that I watched, of course), and TAR was pretty good. I like Sunday evenings because I watch TV upstairs in my room, quiet and undisturbed. :)

...our weather turned cold this evening -- it was pretty balmy during the day, but it dropped over 20 degrees in about 30 minutes (before the sun went down, even). It's supposed to warm up again, though. Bball practice tonight (in case I got too excited about the down time, ha).

Happy Monday!
Tags: bball, football, weather
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