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I saw Harry Potter 5...

and i'm curious what others think. Kind of Spoiler Alert:

I mean, I don't know how there could be spoilers when everyone's read the book, right? But i suppose some might be disappointed by reading something here. Anyway, I really like the extended role of Luna in the movie. Not only is she a much prettier girl than I pictured while reading, but her voice was pleasant, and I liked the soft, compassionate edge they gave her.

I liked the little glimpses of Ginny they offered as Harry and Cho were showing interest in each other -- very good prep ;) Draco's part was minimal, of course. I thought the screenplay did a pretty good job picking out the most important points and mushing it all together in this short movie (at under two and a half hours, it seemed short to me).

Alan Rickman is just way to likable:D The DA meetings were the best parts of the movie, I thought, other than the last fight, which was superb. I wasn't sure about the whole 'Avada Kadavra' from Bellatrix to Serias -- I don't think that was actually stated in the book; I read the section in the spoiler book about that, and the authors there thought it was a stunner spell that knocked him back behind the veil....

I wasn't sure I liked some of the summarizing the characters did -- I thought the screenwriter was putting words in JK's mouth with a couple of them. I trust she got to okay the script, however, so I suppose it was all right.

Overall feel? I liked the dark mood, the sadness (especially the relationship that grew between Harry and Serias), the excitement at the end. It amazes me how JKR created this character that we're all so invested in now -- and strengthened my conviction that Harry won't die. Not only are there generations of kids who haven't yet discovered HP who will want to (and probably wouldn't bother if they knew he died in the end), but there are two more movies, as well. Though I'd probably watch #6 even if Harry died...I also hope Luna doesn't die. Didn't really care much after reading about her, but the actress who played her and the sympathetic lines she was given really caused her to grow on me ;)

I pre-ordered my book today from Amazon -- it's probably cheaper that way than Costco, and now i won't have to run to the store after returning from camping, all grungy and exhausted :) My first order of business when I have the book in my hands? Well, read the ending, of course. (Can you believe I admitted that? No one shoot me, now).
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