robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. I went to school to help out with writing today (and teach a brief -- or not so brief -- lesson on parenthetical citation). I usually go on Thursday, so I've been thinking all day that today was Thursday. *sigh* Though I suppose that's a good surprise, yeah? :)

2. I don't remember a ton about 6th grade, but it seems like kids were a little more focused (even those who hated school) than I'm seeing today. So many of the students in D's grade are completely uninterested in any subject. They're going through the motions (probably because they have no choice), but they have no concern or regard for their future (even the future of tomorrow). It's a little scary, and I wonder what it will take to pull them back into society and their community.

3. OTOH, I will say that working with the entire 90 students of 6th grade has made me truly thankful that we put D in GT (and E too). I would be beyond frustrated if he was trapped in classes with some of those unmotivated students -- it affects the overall instruction and the pace of the learning. In D's class, there are a couple who are unmotivated (perhaps two, in fact); but they're so much in the minority that the class is unaffected by their poor attitudes. It's truly fun to work with D's class (and one of the gen ed classes too -- they did somewhat group the students according to their willingness to learn).

4. Speaking of teaching and students, I had to laugh as I was watching [i]Parenthood[/i] last night -- when Adam and Christine were so frustrated with Max getting sent to the library, specifically. Their reaction is spot on, imo, and it's a good reminder to everyone else what teachers go through. The idea that it's the teachers' or the school's problem rather than training the student to be respectful is one of the more challenging aspects of public education. If I'd been that teacher, I would've told the parents that if they can't encourage their son to keep his mouth closed during the lecture and listen respectfully, then they have to expect that he'll be sent out of the room. It's not the school's responsibility to put up with that!

Anyway, it's hard to believe we only have a week left of January...yeesh. Happy Friday :)
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