robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Five on Friday...

1. It's still Friday (in most places) -- snowy/chilly day here, but we still had school.

2. D got into the school we wanted -- and better yet, so did two of his bffs. :) We're very relieved and pleased and...well, now I can breathe and relax.

3. DH went skiing today and tomorrow (the mountains are getting pounded), and when we talked this evening, he said the powder was mid-thigh. He's a happy camper.

4. I've gotten most of the books I ordered with Christmas gift cards -- now I only need time to read them. *sigh*

5. Of course, the big game is on, maybe that's when I'll read ;) (j/k -- mostly -- I'm sure I'll watch the 4th quarter)

Can you believe that tomorrow is February?? (Get ready for the shortest month which always seems twice as long as any other month...but maybe that's a good thing, right?)

Happy weekend!
Tags: reading, school stuff, skiing
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