robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup...'s a very frosty morning -- even my hair got frosted while I walked.

...this weekend was all about the Olympics. I worked on my laptop so I could watch all day long. :) They truly are my favorite (the winter games), and they come so rarely that I have to take advantage!

...D's bff came over Saturday afternoon, and the two of them disappeared for a few hours. ;) I'm delighted they'll have middle school together, as well.

...DH went skiing on Friday and Saturday -- he said Friday was the best day of the season (to date) with epic snow (mid-thigh). It's nice that he has the freedom to go do those types of things (and nice that I don't have to go with him, hehe).

Happy Monday! (quiet day here...)
Tags: life, olympics

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