robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Six on Saturday...

1. Well, I was busy yesterday, and now I'm paying for it (ha). I took D and one of his bffs up to ski, and then I went snowshoeing:

2. For Valentine's Day dinner, DH and I left the kiddos home alone (a first at night) and went out to eat with two other couples. It was fun, and I think DH liked being included (they invite us to things all the time, but I'm a party pooper).

3. Today, we're celebrating our anniversary (a week late) and looking for a new sofa. Our old sofa has holes and is almost impossible to sit on with any kind of comfort. We've had them for 13+ years now, so I'm thinking it's okay to get something new.

4. We're also planning to see a movie -- haven't completely decided what yet.

5. The kiddos are with my parents today and tonight -- and it will be nice to have some time to ourselves.

6. We'll also watch Olympics, of course. I'm addicted (and I might have to cry when they're over).

Doing anything special for the three-day weekend (assuming you get Monday off)?
Tags: holidays, life, skiing

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