robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup...

...well, we got a very nice couch (yay) which will be delivered tomorrow. Now we just have to train the kiddos not to jump on it ;)

...DH took said kiddos for a nice bike ride yesterday afternoon (while I worked, sigh). It was around 60 degrees yesterday.

...but the wind. Oi! It blew so hard last night that the bed was shaking -- when did we move to Wyoming??? I can't believe the trees are still standing (of course, it's still blowing, though not quite as hard -- now it's only a gale rather than a hurricane).

...I'm aiming to finish my work on the early side today so I can take the kiddos to B&N for a bit this afternoon (their request).

Have anything planned for President's Day?
Tags: holidays, wind
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