robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. How long can this wind last, anyway? Yeesh...

2. E was selected as the Top Cougar (teacher-selected award for good behavior) for her class this month -- she's thrilled, of course. Plus, D has gotten this award every year (including Kinder) -- but he hasn't this year (yet). E's only gotten it twice.

3. Had a lovely lunch with one of my bffs today. :)

4. Two of D's grade-mates played a thoughtless (and even cruel) prank on another classmate this week. They were both suspended, but I'm not sure that's enough (especially for one of them). *sigh* Kids can be so mean. Of course, one of the boys (not the one who needs more punishment) is D's friend, so he's worried about him and what it'll be like for him to return. He's sure this other boy feels horribly guilty and bad (and he might be right). I feel for the parents too. Glad we have a break and can perhaps start anew next week!

It's the last weekend in February -- how did that happen???
Tags: school stuff, wind

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