robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup...

...gorgeous weather this weekend (and today) -- close to 70!

...we had D's bball celebration on Saturday. The boys had a great time playing hoops (at D's bff's house, which is on two acres) and having a monster snowball fight with the snow which fell Friday evening/night.

...E had a bday party on Sat, as well. She was late, but since it went for 6 hours, we figured missing one wasn't so bad ;) Funny thing: the bday girl is in E's class, but she used to go to a different school. She invited a few girls from each of her 'classes,' and one of the moms from the other group was visiting with A's mom. Anyway, A's mom wanted me to meet her -- and it turns out she's married a to a boy (well, man) I used to be in a musical group with. He has an unusual last name, and when she introduced herself, I was like, "You mean Tony B?" Such a small world...and weird hearing about him from an adult perspective (he's a few years younger than I, and nowadays, that's no big deal, but when you're kids, those years seem like decades sometimes).

...I also went to a book signing for jennifer_d_g -- her book, The Secret of Ferrell Savage, has been out for about a month now, and it's such an awesome middle grade (tween, really). She's a talented writer, and there's so much of her gentle and humorous voice in everything she writes that I know she's going to have tons of very loyal fans. :)

...yesterday, I caught up on a couple of late papers (late from the students rather than me). The kiddos played tennis with their auntie, and then we played a couple rounds of D's favorite game, 7 Wonders., I'm taking advantage of the amazing weather and going hiking with another mom from school. Should be fun (and very nice).

Happy Monday!
Tags: bball, friends, kid stuff, weather

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