robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. We've had gorgeous weather (for the most part) this week. Warm and balmy on Monday, cold in the middle, and warm and balmy again today. It's supposed to be over 70 on Monday!
(This was the scene during my hike with a friend on Monday.)

2. The kiddos are finishing up the state testing today. 'Nuff said about that.

3. I've been trying to keep up with writing -- and doing a better job than I did the latter part of last year. My crit group and I have been subbing just a few pages every two weeks. It keeps us going while not expecting so much from us with critiques. If we can continue this, I might actually finish something by the end of the summer -- what a shock!

4. As the weather gets warmer (along with the high snow pack in the mountains), people are starting to worry about the possibility of floods. After the '500-year Event' in September, folks are jumpy -- especially as some places still haven't completely recovered (they're saying at least mid-summer for some of the more impacted areas). The ice along Clear Creek is pretty high too...
flood sign
(This was at the top of our hike Monday -- and one of my favorite trails won't even open until June because of all the damage.)

Any fun plans for the weekend? Has spring hit your area yet?
Tags: weather, writing
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