robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup..., I'm thinking I'm not keeping up with my blog when the post before last was also the weekend roundup...

...anyway, it was a crazy busy weekend: Friday night with camping friends (not camping, ha, but we did stay out until almost midnight); Saturday piano lessons, afternoon movie (for the kiddos) with my MIL, and evening dinner with my FIL (um, and NOT my MIL); Sunday with D's bff (who spent the night)., E and I went to see my mom's painting in an exhibit. She didn't win a prize (though she should have), but hers was one of two that sold! :D
after the rain
(I took this with my phone, and you can sadly see my reflection -- and E's -- in the glass...but it gives you an idea, I guess.)

...D and bff are skiing with their other good friend (for his bday).

...tonight, D and E are going to DH's aunt's house for the night and day tomorrow. Gotta love spring break :)

Still sleep deprived...can't go on forever, so hope springs eternal, yes? :)
Tags: art, friends, kid fun, sleep issues

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