robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup...

...I have been reading, but finding time to post any book reports is NOT happening right now. Which mostly means I'll have a huge post in another week or so...

...D had a b-day party on Saturday, and E had one yesterday. Tonight, DH is taking both kiddos to the Rockies game (E's choir is singing the national anthem), and our dads are joining them...which means I get a night to myself! Win-win.

...between running club, choir, math tests (for next year), and school programs, this week is crazy! I think the talent show dress rehearsal is this week too -- gah!

...but starting Thursday, I'll be on spring break. *happy sigh*

Anything coming up in your neck of the woods (other than fleurs, ha)? :)
Tags: family life, school stuff
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