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Camping and Harry Potter...

Yeah, it rained. Which was especially surprising when you realize that it was mid-90s just an hour away at our house -- and yesterday, it neared 100! But I spent a good part of the weekend shivering ;) WE still had fun, though D got so tired he had a total meltdown yesterday morning before we left. Our camping spot was GORGEOUS! I didn't take my camera (which pretty much insured I'd see tons of beautiful things) -- the wildflowers were unbelievable in their color and variety; we overlooked the entire South Park and mountains beyond; Saturday morning, fog lay over the whole valley with the peaks poking out (and this was during one of the few sunny moments for us). Really beautiful and refreshing.

The second we got home, I grabbed HP7 from the mailbox.

I checked to make sure the Epilogue was the same one I'd already read on the internet -- it was, of course. Then we showered and cleaned up...and then I read. About 200 pages into it, I had to skip to the end and read the last couple of chapters. Then I took a break -- and then I read the entire thing. All in all, about six hours of reading -- and my eyes were killing me!

My thoughts, for what they're worth:

1. I loved how she tied everything up -- I'm big into happy endings, and I liked the Epilogue for that reason.

2. I was very disappointed that Ginny's role was so small. Yeah, Harry wasn't with her so we couldn't see what she might have been doing, but for my personal taste, I thought she should have fought her way into Harry's little trio and worked from there. It made me almost feel sorry for Harry in the end, because Ron and Hermione were still together, but he was with Ginny who hadn't even worked at his side during the most challenging parts of his life. I really didn't like that aspect of the book, and to me, it was very unsatisfying.

3. I loved the Dobby/Kreacher stuff -- well done, and great way to show compassion!

4. I definitely liked the whole Snape story, although I did feel very sorry for him -- I mean, what kind of man loves a woman all his life (dead or not), but struggles to extend that love to her child? I guess I just didn't really get him, but I liked how complex he was. Though I really, really wished Snape's portrait had been in the Head Master's office at the end -- that, to me, was a huge oversight on JK's part -- almost like she forgot about it or something. I wanted to see a final moment of awareness between Snape and Harry -- more than Harry just naming his son after him (though I thought that was cool).

So overall, I can't wait to read it again :D I can't decide if I'll just read it now or if I'll wait a few months and then read the whole Exactly the kind of decisions I like!
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