robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup...

...pretty laid back weekend -- nice!

...I caught up on all my late kiddos (though I still have stuff trickling in), so I'm now officially on break for another two weeks-ish.

...Mother's Day was lovely (though not outside):

snowy blossoms it snowed, we hung out with my parents and my brother and his kiddos; DH did all the cooking and prep (and it was quite delicious), and once my parents and brother left, I caught up on a few things (like my book reports, ha), did some reading, watched Frozen again (fitting), and then settled in for TAR (karma!) and my other favorite shows. All in all, a very nice Mother's Day!

...woke up this morning to 8+ inches of snow *sigh* It's not really sticking to the roads/sidewalks (though it is a bit -- especially in places where the wind is blowing it into piles), but it's quite chilly out. I walked with my neighbors (for an hour), so that was good...but cold.

Hope things are good in your neck of the woods!
Tags: holidays, weather
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