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Robin's version of fanfic...*spoilers for HP*

When I was a little girl (and well, okay, even older), I used to change parts of books I didn't like in my head. That's how I got to sleep every night -- I'd either add to the endings of books -- or even put myself into the story as another character and play with all the possibilities there. This was well before I ever considered being a writer, actually.

Well, now that I've finished HP, I just can't leave the ending -- book 7 -- the way it is. Not in my head, at least. I'm rereading it right now, and I thought I might not be as bothered by certain things the second time through, but in truth, I'm more bothered. So last night I added a scene or two to the wedding...all in my head, of course, although I'm going to write it down and print it out so that every time I read it I can add that in.

Do any of you do that kind of thing? If you're curious to see what I'm changing, let me know. I don't mind sharing, even if it's for others to argue with (and maybe convince me that it's so much better the way it originally was) :)

When I get to Snape's death, there will be some changes there, as well. Tee-hee. Of course, I've never read any fanfic -- not any. I don't think I'll start, either. If anyone's going to add to/change a story, it's going to be ME! :D
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