robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup...

...very much a relaxing and lazy weekend -- thank goodness!

...I think we're all on the edge of being burned out. I did manage to get some fleurs (and some basil); I even planted them all yesterday (after the hail).

...speaking of weather:


(This has been the scene for the past two afternoons/evenings -- crazy!)

...D got to spend the day and night with his bff yesterday (and last night). They have a small farm, and this hail was not good for them. :( But D and M had a great time (from the sound of it), despite the crappy weather., it's sunny and breezy, but the clouds are building again in the west. At least DH went riding early (he's still gone, taking advantage of the decent weather till it turns, I imagine).

One more full day of school, then D's continuation ceremony tomorrow evening, a half day for E on Weds, and then we'll have our much-needed down time! Whew!
Tags: fleurs, friends, weather
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