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Fanfic *under the cut to avoid spoilers*...

First off, I'm so very, very sorry for the earlier post with no warnings whatsoever! I have no excuse -- I just wasn't thinking. That's it. I wasn't thinking at all, and I'm terribly sorry that I ruined the experience for the few of you (and maybe more) who wandered into that without any warnings. forgive me, and I did change it the moment I was alerted to the fact. I do hope you'll speak to me again (Anne, Alison, Cana -- others?).

Huge sigh.

But here's the first section of Robin's fanfic:

Harry watched the others dancing, wishing he hadn’t promised Ron anything. As Ginny circled with Lee, she caught his eye and gave a small smile. Lee glanced around, but he didn’t react. Then Harry realized why – he didn’t look like Harry! He was Barney, Ginny’s cousin.
Without giving himself time to back out, he marched over to Lee and tapped him on the shoulder. “Might I cut in?” he asked.
“Oh, um, sure,” Lee said, obviously surprised.
Ginny managed to keep her face straight until Lee was a distance away. “Good one, Harry,” she said. “How did you know I wanted to dance with you?”
“Listen, Ginny,” he said, hurrying so he could get it out before losing his courage, “Do you know why I can’t keep on with you?”
She looked impatient. “You already told me.”
“But I don’t think you got it. I mean, Ron told me you were cut up --”
Her eyes flashed. “Ron’s got a big mouth.”
“He’s worried about you, that’s all.” Harry paused. “So am I. A lot. That’s why --”
She put her hand over his mouth, and he breathed in the flowery essence that was Ginny. “I know, Harry. Truly, I do. But I’m not a little girl. I could fight with you. Unless you think I’m not strong enough or something --”
“You’re amazing!” Heat rose in Harry’s face, but he went on. “I can’t believe some of the stuff you can do. It has nothing to do with that. It’s just…Dumbledore gave me this task. It’s something only I can do. I can’t stop Ron and Hermione from joining me, but – I don’t know if I could even focus if you were with me.”
Ginny’s face softened, but before she could respond, Ron was there, his arms folded over his chest. “What do you think you’re doing, Barney?”
“Oh, Ron, give it a rest. We’re just talking, nothing more.” Ginny tossed her hair in dismissal. But Ron didn’t move.
Harry sighed and let go of Ginny. “All right, mate, I’m off.”

Everywhere there was pandemonium and people screaming, running. Hermione dragged Harry along, both of them on the lookout for Ron. They found him, and just as Hermione turned on the spot, Harry felt someone grab his arm – then it was like nothing had changed. They were surrounded by people, hurrying down a street. And Ginny was by his side.
“Ginny!” Ron turned white. “What the bloody hell are you doing here? Get out of here!”
“I have just as much right as you, Ron Weasley. You can’t tell me what to do, either.”
Hermione shook her head, her eyes worried. “Let’s just keep moving. And stop making a scene, Ron!”

Now inside the old headquarters, Ron swung on Ginny. “You could’ve gotten yourself killed! You’re going home, now!”
Ginny put her hands on her hips. “You are not my father. I’m not going anywhere.”
“Really, Ginny,” said Hermione, throwing Ron a worried look, “I think you should leave.”
“It’s not up to you two. It’s Harry’s decision.”
Even though Harry suspected that was coming, his heart sank. “Um…can we have a moment?”
Ron glared at him, but Hermione tugged him away. “Come on, Ron. Let them talk.”
“As long as it’s only talking!” Ron yelled as he was dragged out of the room.
Harry turned to Ginny. “I thought you understood – Ginny, I can’t do this if you’re here. All I’ll think about is you, and whether or not you’re safe. I have to be focused.” He looked away from the frustration on her face. “If only you knew how much I wanted you here. This is hard for me too.”
Ginny reached up to him, touching his face. “All right. I’ll go. But I’m not just going to sit on my hands. I’m going to fight Voldemort no matter where I am. It’s not like I’ll hide in a closet somewhere to keep safe.”
Harry couldn’t hold back a smile. “Good. I mean…that’s good.” He didn’t know how better to say it, and then he didn’t have to. He pulled her close and kissed her with no reservations. He poured his heart into that kiss, and it was like it had been on his birthday – yesterday.
When they finally separated, she was breathing just as hard as he was. “I get it now,” she said quietly. “How do you suppose I can get back?”
Right on cue, Ron burst into the room. “When are you leaving?”
Ginny rolled her eyes. Hermione, following Ron, took over. “We’ll have to use some of the polyjuice potion. And I’ll go with you with the Invisibility Cloak. We’ll go near an underground stop, and you can take the train or a taxi. She’ll be safe, Harry,” Hermione said as he opened his mouth.
He gave in and nodded. Hermione left to find a hair, but Ron stood right there with them, arms folded over his chest.

Do you have anything to add/change? I'd love to see other versions or additions!
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