robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday (er, Saturday)...

1. Well, a day late (and a dollar short?) -- but mostly because I was relaxing so much yesterday that I just plain forgot. ;)

2. Things are finally settling into a nice plan for summer break. I think we've a good balance between doing stuff and vegging (reading, ha), though D is already struggling with the amount of downtime. He likes to be active, and it's hard on him to not have someone nearby to head to the park with him every couple of hours.

3. We're celebrating Father's Day a week early (ie, tomorrow) for my dad and my FIL. My mom's doing brunch (like she does every month), which is nice of her...but I'm cooking for my FIL. *deep sigh* I really hate to cook!!

4. I have a lovely pile of books to read, some new and some old favorites. :D I'm a happy, happy camper!

How's your June going?
Tags: holidays, reading, summer break
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