robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Tired Tuesday...

...we hiked with my dad on Sunday (in the rain), which was fun (since we were going to our warm home right after)

...we had my FIL over for dinner Sunday night, which was pleasant

...the kiddos were invited to swim yesterday (in the mountains), so despite the mid-60s, up we went. E played in the pool with her friend for over an hour, but D and his friends rode bikes for all but 15 minutes of the afternoon (when they jumped in briefly)

...last night, the kiddos had their piano recital. They both did very well (not perfect but quite good). We also got to hear a couple of outstandingly talented guys -- very nice! today, I'm tiiiiired. We had a substitute in our yoga class, and although she was good, I missed our regular. :( Tuesday is also tennis day, so the tiredness didn't really stop -- and we did math puzzles (every Tuesday is brain day, ha, too)

As always, tiredness aside, I love the freedom and lack of school in the summer.
Tags: family life, friends, kid fun, piano
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