robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. It's taken most of this week to recover from our vacation. ;)

2. We had a nice day with my brother yesterday (and his kiddos) and with my bff and her daughter today. It's nice to have the freedom (ie, from school) to do these things.

3. We have a relaxing and low-key weekend before us too -- yay! The kiddos don't like it, but I *need* these times with no real plans.

4. We've not really had a hot day yet this summer (though it's only been summer for a week, right?), but I guess Sunday is supposed to get well over 90...we'll be in the mountains hiking. Last June weekend -- so hard to believe! We only have 7 weeks of summer break left. :(

What made June outstanding for you? :)
Tags: randomness

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