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Weekend Roundup...

...vegged and ran errands on Saturday -- did a little reading too (read an entire book, one of my annual re-reads).

...spend yesterday (which was hot here in Denver) up in Rocky Mtn Natl Park -- it was hot there too (sigh):


(In 1982, a dam broke in a lake above this area, and the resulting flash flood killed two people (in a campground closer to the entrance of RMNP) and reshaped the area. It's called simply the 'Alluvial Fan' in reference to the deposited rocks and sediment which spread out like a fan in the valley below. Last September, during the floods, the river changed course...and rather than continue under the bridges built for it, it veered west and created another fan-like deposit, along with destroying the road.)


(The richness of the valley comes from all the sediment, but I didn't get a good picture of the area which recently was altered.)

...we also noticed the amazing number of huge boulders and up-rooted trees lining the rivers up the canyons. Although many of the roads have been 'fixed' (some have dirt sections), the boulders and trees will continue to be a problem (blocking the flow of the rivers) for some time. It was awe-inspiring to see the power of water! (And made us very thankful that we don't live in a canyon!), the kiddos are swimming up in Genessee (where one of D's bffs lives) -- it's supposed to be quite warm again (though not as hot as yesterday), so I bet they'll have fun.

Enjoy the last day of June -- any great plans?
Tags: family fun together, nature, weather
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