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Final HP7 Fanfic...

I'm actually learning from all this, so the spoilers/fanfic are beneath the cut. The first goes on p. 744 (I think you can guess where); the second after the last sentence of the pre-epilogue. What do you think? too little, too much?

Ron and Hermione reached him first, and Harry stood with them, feeling their hearts beat with his. It was hard to realize they were alive – alive while Voldemort was dead! He touched his foreheads to theirs, feeling their strength, relief, and joy.
As he raised his head, he saw Ginny, Neville, and Luna waiting. Harry couldn’t keep the smile off his face as he moved toward Ginny. He pulled her close, and just as he had over a year before, he kissed her without thinking of the audience. Then he held her with one arm as he shook Neville’s hand and patted Luna on the shoulder.
The rest of the crowd moved closer, wanting to touch Harry, to look at his face. Ginny moved back with a whisper. “Now we have tomorrow,” she said, and the love in her eyes made him weak in the knees.

Ron and Hermione turned to leave, but Harry caught the eyes of the newest portrait. No longer fading in death, the black eyes held Harry’s for the briefest moment. Harry gave a small nod. “Thank you…Sir,” he murmured as he brushed by. “She would be grateful.”
Professor Snape returned the nod, and Harry thought he saw a flash of emotion in those dark eyes. It was enough.
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