robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Some on Saturday...

1. Wow, this week flew past. I think we had too much school stuff (blech). The fun part was getting D registered for middle school.

2. Other than middle school, I helped at E's school on Monday and Thursday. No wonder this week just vanished!

3. We also played tennis on Tuesday and yesterday (yesterday with my brother). My left arm, shoulder, and neck still get sore from tossing the ball up for my serve, though. Weird that it hurts more than my right arm (which is doing the work, right?).

4. There's a set of online, serial novels that I like to re-read periodically, and this was my week for that. I read through all four books (each at least 75K). :)

5. Interesting thing about middle school for D: he has five of his seven classes with our neighbor -- a girl. Fortunately, they're friends and have always gotten along well. Especially good because we're also carpooling with them ;)

Hope your August has started well!
Tags: family fun together, reading, school stuff, tennis
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