robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. The weathermen got everyone tied up in knots about the storm coming in today...and so far, high clouds but no rain. Hm...I guess that's better than flooding!

2. D had a meltdown over math yesterday. There's no doubt he needs to be in an official class; he also needs to learn how to get anything lower than an 'A' without freaking out!

3. E is also working two years ahead of her grade level in math -- that's a bit of a surprise, but she's enjoying it. :)

4. It's weird being the only one in the family who's not currently working. I'm supposed to get my rosters next week, but till then, I feel a little guilty reading and even doing some writing when the others are so busy.

Any fun weekend plans out there?
Tags: school stuff, weather
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