robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend Roundup...

...I got up early on Saturday to go to Pikes Peak with DH so he could ride (with some friends) down Pikes Peak (famous for 'America, the Beautiful'). I didn't like getting up early (at all), but I will admit that now that it's over, I'm so glad I went. It was so beautiful, and I've never been up there before. I will post pictures tomorrow (I'm on the wrong computer right now, oops).

...we came home and basically passed out (altitude mixed with getting up too early -- plus, we didn't get home until 6). DH somehow pulled it together enough to go to the Broncos' game.

...yesterday, D had scrimmages for football -- which also took all afternoon (didn't get home till 8). It was beautiful again (we were in the mountains), and it helped me get out my nerves a bit (I saw again that it really is hard to get seriously injured at this level of play -- not impossible, but probably not likely). Again, I'll post some pix tomorrow. :), we're back at it. We're slowly settling into the school-year routine, I think. The hardest part continues to be the sleep issue, *sigh*.

Last week of August -- how are you finishing out the month?
Tags: colorado love, family, football, mountain biking

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