robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. We had our hottest day of August/September on Weds, and today, it's in the 50s...and damp. Brrr. I'd love something in between ;)

2. It always seems like Labor Day is the true end of summer break, even though we had two weeks of school before then. But now, the kiddos are settling in, I'm slowly readjusting to my work schedule, and vacation is over. *sigh* Still, the change in seasons (both physical and mental) is what keeps us going, no?

3. Our first true football weekend is here -- both D's team and the Broncos' home opener. I imagine I'll be all football-ed out by late Sunday night (um, not that I'll actually watch the Broncos game...I'll be reading or some such thing, ha).

4. I've read two books in the last two days -- which is encouraging, because I've also been busy with work. Of course, what I haven't done much of is now, that will be my next challenge. ;)

First weekend in September -- what will you be doing?
Tags: football, reading, weather

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