robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Four on Friday...

1. Beautiful weather this week -- almost record-setting warmth. The leaves are golden in the high country, but it's hard to find time to go and visit...

2. Crazy busy today, especially, and I'm beat. *sigh*

3. The good news is that my aunt is in town :) I always love seeing her, though it never seems long enough. Today, I spent way too much time driving around (almost 3 hours running back and forth...or should I say crawling -- rush hour is NO fun, and I can't believe some people have to deal with that every day).

4. D had his conferences this week, and I'm not sure why I went. We have a 'parent portal' that we can use to look at grades daily (if we want). Anyway, D is doing quite well, but I guess I thought it would be like elementary school (or how I used to do it when I taught middle and high school). Instead, it was hot, crowded, and the teachers barely knew who D was (except his LA teacher, who also knew me). Oh, well. ;)

Can't believe it's the last weekend in September...
Tags: family, glorious fall, school stuff
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